Friday, January 29, 2010

Are your students "Glogging" yet?

One of the favorite assignments ever in my AP class has to be the Glog! Glogster allows your students to create a multi-media "poster" complete with text, images, audio and video. Glogster has created a space that is specifically for classrooms, and as such it can be completely private, and 100% controlled by the teacher.

How can you use Glogster in your classroom?

1. Students can create a Glog illustrating a major theme from their reading.

2. Students can create a Glog for their original poems. Use Freeplay Music for instrumental music suited for any type of writing

3. Students can create a Glog for characters from their reading, complete with relevant quotes and appropriate "theme songs."

4. Students can create a Glog that can serve and an alternate cover for a book, complete with a new summary and blurbs.

5. Students can put a novel or character in historical context. For example, students can create a Glog for The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn in which they use video clips of the Mississippi River, audio clips of Mark Twain, images of slavery, quotes from critics of the day, etc. For The Crucible,students could use images of the actual court documents (available HERE), audio clips from a production of the play, and an original poem written in response to themes or situations in the text.

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